Sunil Shah

Sunil Shah

Born and raised in Toronto, has provided me with exposure to diverse nation with a variety of languages, values and traditions. This has helped me adapt and assimilate with the culture and community that surrounds Yorkton. Over the past 6 years in Yorkton I have been actively involved in the community through volunteering and helping the city gain more exposure.

My folks own their own business importing cashews from abroad and wholesaling it in the Canadian market. I have a general understanding on political impact on the economy both local and global, and how these changes can impact the business community. Yorkton thrives on entrepreneurs and their ability to thrive, my goal is to continue to advocate to ensure that business’s concerns are heard.

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant at Baker Tilly, I work alongside my clients understanding their business; investigating variances, and drafting their financial statements. As I continue to grow and learn, my knowledge and expertise will help the Chambers to learn how to adapt to a continuously changing economy, and seek ventures that will help our business community and their members.

Over the past several years I have volunteered and became involved with the Kinsmen Club of Yorkton serving several executive roles from director to President. I have led new initiatives and aided on building and strategizing our mission and vision for the club. I have been to national conventions and advocated to members the benefits of Yorkton

As the new year approaches there is lots of work that needs to be done to revitalize Yorkton and its economy.


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