Yorkton Chamber of Commerce History 1995

In 1995, during Tom Dutton’s term of office as president, the City approached the Chamber asking if the Chamber would consider jointly building a new building on the turn out on #9 highway south. This building would, which would be owned jointly on a 50/50 basis by the Chamber and the City, would house the Chamber and Tourism Yorkton. The Federal Government’s infrastructure grant would cover $100,000 of the cost of the building. The Chamber committee made up of Tom Dutton, Loreen Poier and Larry Hilworth held many meetings with the city administration hammering out a mutual agreement on many points. With assistance of John Stamatinos, the Chamber and the City of Yorkton reached a equitable agreement regarding the partnership. City administration engaged the services of the architect firm of Kindrachuk Agrey of Saskatoon to draw up plans for the new building. Tenders went out in the fall of 1995 and it was soon to be realized that these plans would be much over budget therefore adjustments were made to the plan and re-tendered again in the spring of 1996 with Logan Stevens of Yorkton winning the tender. Construction started immediately.