Yorkton Chamber of Commerce History 1983

When Stan Stephenson was president in 1983, it was decided to renovate and add to the office to better serve the needs of the tourists. In 1984 the office underwent extensive expansion and renovation, designed and constructed by Logan Stevens Construction. Construction commenced in July and was completed by September. The Chamber headquartered in a trailer on the premises. The new addition added to the front of the building, doubled the size of the structure and became the public area. In the old section two public washrooms were constructed both wheel chair accessible. Also in the old area, a manager’s office, a board room and storage were constructed. Cost of renovation was $50,800 as compared to the original building which was built with a $10,000 loan from the Yorkton Credit Union. In 1979 the original mortgage was paid off and Ed Laurence, President of the day presided over the mortgage burning ceremony on August 3, 1979.  

In 1983, when financing for the addition was being planned, Stan Stephenson, president of the day, approached the Federal Government and through the DRIE program obtained $17,780 toward the addition. Other contributors were: Department of Tourism, $9,000; Kinsman Club, $7,500; Parkland Lions Club, $4,500. Stan approached various businesses in the city and obtained another $2,600. The Chamber took out a loan from the Royal Bank for the balance and this loan was paid off in two years.