Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, 125 Years


While You Worked in Your Business, the Chamber Worked for You!

You work hard in your business and for your business. You invest in your business by belonging to the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce. As “the voice of business in Yorkton and district”, the Chamber’s purpose is to work for you on the opportunities and issues facing the entire business community. 430 voices are louder than just one. Below is a summary of the 2023 highlights.


Advocacy:  Informing the various orders of government of policies or legislation having an impact on the business community
  • Met with the Saskatchewan MP Caucus to discuss areas of greatest concern to the membership including the carbon tax; interest rates; the value of the Canadian dollar; and CEBA loan repayments
  • The Policy Committee met with the City Council 3 times. A variety of issues were discussed including reconstruction of York Road; repairs on Grain Millers Drive; encouraging business growth and expansion; legislation around non-resident business owners voting in municipal elections; and city tenders
  • The Policy committee met with MLA Greg Ottenbreit to discuss the 2023-24 Provincial Budget; the PST on labour on construction projects; a new regional health care facility; and the need for provincial and federal funding for a new Water Treatment Plant. It met with MP Cathay Wagantall to discuss the impact of the carbon tax; high interest rates; and ongoing labour shortages
  • The Yorkton Chamber sent a letter to the MP expressing its concerns about a proposal to the Standing Committee on Heritage that “poses a serious threat to the privacy of Canadians and to their rights to hold and express opinion on public issues” (see April 2023 Courier). Due to such concern, the motion was amended
  • The Yorkton Chamber lent its support to a letter prepared by the Canadian Chamber indicating opposition to any legislation prohibiting replacement workers in federally regulated industries
  • The Chamber hosted a meeting of Stakeholders to discuss Grain Millers Drive. Businesses, MLA Greg Ottenbreit, Mayor Hippsley and Reeve Trost were among the attendees.  The Chamber then sent letters to a number of Ministries pointing out the concerns about Grain Millers Drive.  The stakeholders all signed the letters.  Later, the Minister of Highways met with all the stakeholders regarding Grain Millers Drive
  • The Chamber supported the sale of the building housing the Public Library for 3 reasons: 1) an immediate infusion of cash into the city coffers; 2) collecting about $60K in annual property taxes; and 3) it enabled an existing business to expand. President Andres appeared before Council to make these points
  • The Policy Committee met with Carla Beck, Leader of the Opposition. It also met with Erika Ritchie, Opposition Critic for Environment, Energy and Resources
  • A letter was sent to the federal Minister and Associate Minister of Health discussing the impact of Health Canada’s proposed changes to the Natural Health Product Industry
  • A letter was sent to the Deputy Prime Minister requesting an extension on CEBA loan repayments
  • Of the 2 resolutions to the Canadian Chamber submitted by the Sask Chamber and co-signed by the Yorkton Chamber the recommendation that “on-farm fertilizer GHG emission reduction goals remain voluntary” was passed
  • The Chamber co-signed letters from the Canadian Chamber to the Prime Minister and other Federal Ministers urging a quick resolution to the west coast port labour disruption
  • Letters sent to the Senate urging the Senators to pass Bill C-234


Education & Linking: Providing members with opportunities to grow their businesses through enhanced learning and linking with other businesses
  • Guest Speakers at Chamber On Tap events included MLA Greg Ottenbreit and Fire Chief Trevor Morrissey
  • The Chamber celebrated its 125th year at a Member Appreciation Night; Jack Dawes and Lyle Walsh were inducted as Honourary Life Members of the Chamber
  • The Chamber’s new website was launched
  • A successful Business Summit was held in June with a number of local business people as the Guest Speakers or panelists; a successful Chamber Business Dinner was held in October with Guest Speaker Jess Tetu
  • Topics at Chamber Business Luncheons included 3 Chamber members sharing their experiences with Business Succession Planning; and speakers sharing their experiences hiring and working with employees with disabilities
  • Mayor Hippsley was the Guest Speaker at the Chamber’s AGM


Let the Chamber work for you in 2024.