Yorkton Chamber Adopts Nickname
November 10, 1996

Tuesday night at a chamber of commerce dinner held in conjunction with Chamber of Commerce Week, Yorkton was proclaimed the Treasure Chest City of the West. Deputy mayor Ivan Kryworushka officially made the declaration by pulling the ribbon that unrolled the banner giving Yorkton this new title. Arnold Gillies, president of the Yorkton Chamber, said the objectives and purpose of the chamber is to advertise and promote the city. If Yorkton is to attract people, new industry, new commercial business and skilled professional people, it must advertise its merits and create a desire on the part of others, to become part of Yorkton. This promotion must be a lively and continuous process, he said. One of the factors of success is to develop an advertising theme. Recently Yorkton took the name of Turkey Capital, but it is not certain if this is an honest claim at the present time. Pat Kennedy, publicity chairman, narrated a synchronized slide presentation of the history and present attractions of the city with an essay written by Valerie Protz, a grade 12 student of Sacred Heart Academy on the Treasure Chest theme. The primary objective of introducing a promotional theme was to combine this rich heritage of the past with the dynamic today; to peak the imagination and invite the curious. This theme Treasure Chest City of the West offers an unlimited promotional potential, he said. “We have the city, the facilities and the community spirit, now we must capture that elusive spirit of promise.”

This publication is from November 10, 1996 from the Yorkton This Week