Chamber Goals Carved in Stone
April, 1989

The Chamber of Commerce has a mission. The mission of the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce is to represent the interests of business and to promote economic development. This statement was developed by the Chamber with the help of Aldene Meis, Senior Associate of Fontaine Associates Consulting Services Inc. of Regina. Meis spoke at the Chamber lunch meeting on Friday to inform members of the importance of tis statement as a goal. She said in meeting with chamber executives they discussed strategic planning and how to implement it. “There are many changes going on in your environment,” said Meis, “and itis important to examine these so they canbe used for your best interest.” She said it is important to identify the problems and how the business and environment is changing. “What are the key success factors of the chamber? What does it do for businesses? What does it do for members?” she said. Once these have been identified, she said you must then look at customer satisfaction. “You must know what you are doing well, and what the success factors are in order to make plans,” she said. “And this planning allows you to increase your productivity and performance.” Meis went on to say the personal and business goals willmerge together for success. “It is important to plan in our personal life,” Meis said. “Then you take that back and incorporate that into your business. Without plans in place, you can’t adjust to changes in your business.”

Article courtesy of The Enterprise Newspaper
April, 1989 Information Provided By Yorkton Centennial Committee Booklet