Chamber Planning More Activity in 1985
March 27, 1985

STAFF- Orchestrating an 80 piece band is a touchy task. How about getting 255 people singing the same song?

Such is the task facing Bill Oliver, owner of McDonald’s Restaurant in Yorkton, and the president of Yorkton’s Chamber of Commerce, which has reached that number.

Oliver, in his first year as the Chamber’s president, hopes to get the organization working together to realize its full potential.

“(The Chamber) could be more active and take a more high-profile role by speaking for the businesses and trying to help them out,” Oliver says, but it will need help.

“You’ve got to get on common ground with (business owners). But they have to tell us what their problems are before we can try to help them.

“We have to get the business people to come and talk to us and say, “Hey, this is what we need and this is what we want, so we can get the feel of it.”

To reach that, the Yorkton Chamber has taken a new approach for 1985. In the March newsletter for the Chamber, there was a questionnaire asking each business what role they feel the Chamber should take, how involved it should be, and what each individual would like to get out of the chamber.

Oliver is hoping, and urging, all members to respond to the questionnaire.

Oliver is hoping, and urging, all members to respond to the questionnaire. While businesses may compete for consumer dollars, they have a host of common concerns, such as shopping hours, taxes, and advertising. The Chamber could be instrumental in taking a strong stand on any of those, Oliver feels.

However, presently chamber members are timid about discussing business with each other. In hopes of breaking that ice, mixers and other evens have been planned.

Article courtesy of The Enterprise ‘Alive in ’85’ Special Edition Newspaper
March 27, 1985 Information Provided By Yorkton Centennial Committee Booklet