Talking Points for the City of Yorkton Municipal Election

Interested in Serving on Council?
The following is a brief guide on the process for Nomination:
A Notice of Call for Nominations will be published 10 business days prior to Nomination Day. Nomination papers are available at City Hall or on the City’s website

The Nomination period will begin 8:00 AM Tuesday September 21. Signed Nomination papers must be received by the City Clerk by 4:00 PM Wednesday October 7, 2020.

How to file Nomination Papers?
Nomination Papers must contain the signatures of at least 5 eligible voters and a Criminal Record Check must accompany the Nomination Papers. Nomination Papers may be delivered in person or by an agent or emailed.
Other requirements:
• Candidates must complete a Public Disclosure of Private Interests form and include it with Nomination Papers
• Post election, candidates must disclose both their campaign expenses and donations received to run their campaign

To verify the above information or to learn more on how to become a candidate for either Mayor or Council, visit the city’s website

Knowledgeable and Committed Councillors
The Chamber appreciates the time and effort it takes to serve on Council. While highly visible, Council meetings actually represent only a small portion of the time committed to serve on Council. Committee meetings, strategic planning meetings, listening to the concerns of tax payers, reading Council meeting packages, checking information, attending SUMA conventions – these are all examples of the demands on the Mayor and every Councillor. It is, therefore, extremely important, prior to submitting nomination papers, that prospective candidates for Council understand the time commitment required to serve and represent the citizens of Yorkton.

All Candidates’ Forum sponsored by the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce 7:30 PM Wednesday October 28 at the Gallagher Centre.
*due to restrictions imposed by the Sask Health Authority, only the candidates, media and Chamber organizers are able to attend. The forum will be broadcast LIVE on The Rock 98.5FM and Access Communications channels 7 and 507


Election 2020
Talking Points for the City of Yorkton Municipal Election
November 9, 2020

Yorkton has much to be proud of – its active community of volunteers; a variety of cultural, sports and recreation activities and venues; its beautiful tree lined streets; its walking paths; a regional health centre; a state-of-the art technology centre; a re-gional airport; clean air; clean water; a thriving food processing sector; and a diverse retail and business district. Their presence is a result of planning by previous City Councils for business growth and expansion and the construction of the many ameni-ties. But as the recent pandemic crisis has demonstrated, the best laid plans can go awry by unforeseen circumstances.
Ensuring growth continues is the responsibility of City Council. It is important that the Mayor and Councillors elected in 2020 have a vision and are willing to take a pro-active approach and explore opportunities in order to drive growth for the next four years.
It is the Chamber’s responsibility to provide information and leadership on key business issues and to build support for concepts and practices that will enable Yorkton to continue on its path “where good things happen”!

 The Talking Points identified by the Chamber are a result of the Chamber’s observations over the past few years. The Chamber considers these to be the Top 3 opportunities for the Business Community in the City of Yorkton:

1. Transparency & Financial Accountability
The City and Council strive to be transparent and accountable. Since 2010, the Directors of the Chamber have taken turns attending each Council meeting.
Further, based on continued discussions with Council and the city’s senior administrative staff, a number of the recommendations the Chamber has put forth in the past have been implemented. The Chamber recommends that the 2020 – 2024 Council continue to:
• Hold open discussions during Council meetings. It is important to the electorate that differing points of view are seen to be discussed
• Ensure the City’s Tendering Protocols are scrutinized and that standard protocols adopted by the various sectors are followed
• Review departmental budgets and the scope of employment for employees in an effort to reduce redundancy

2. Business Growth & Expansion
The Chamber is greatly concerned by the number of vacant commercial properties throughout the city. Providing some seed money is one way to stimulate the economy. The Chamber is willing to work together with the city in finding ways to mount a rejuvenation of the business community.
The Chamber recommends the 2020 – 2024 Council invest in projects that will continue to make the city attractive to business investors and new residents. This could be achieved through:
• An incentive program for businesses throughout the city to spruce up their front façades

• A review of current policies to ensure Business Growth & Retention are encouraged

• A review of the Development Levy and its impact on the sale of city Properties

• Providing incentives for “first in” on any new areas of development

 3. Infrastructure Needs
• The replacement of water and sewer mains along Broadway Street is necessary in the very near future. The project has been delayed because of the very high costs. Cost sharing with other orders of government will assist in making this project more affordable

• York Road is also in desperate need of major reconstruction. It is part of the Urban Connector Program whereby 70% of the funds for upgrades are provided by the Government of Saskatchewan and 30% by the City. The importance of York Road to the city needs to be impressed upon the provincial government

• Yorkton is in the queue for a new regional health centre

• Over the past few years, the city has endeavoured to find ways to en-hance the esthetics of the city. The Chamber encourages the Council of 2020 – 24 to maintain the momentum of its beautification efforts to make Yorkton an attractive city to residents and visitors alike

• The Chamber recommends the 2020-2024 Council continue to invest in the Regional Airport as it is a tremendous asset to the city. The airport is the city’s link to the world

The Chamber recommends the 2020-2024 Council continue to invest in major infra-structure renewal projects such as street, water and sewer construction; and that it be creative in finding the funds for these projects. Funding for the health centre will also take some creativity. The Chamber recommends Council consult with the business community as it begins these initiatives.
The 2020 Municipal Election is very important to the future of the City of Yorkton. As a member of the Business Community, it’s important for you to discuss the Talk-ing Points with potential candidates for Mayor and Council. More importantly, on November 9, please vote for those candidates you believe understand the needs of business.
The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce is “the voice of business in Yorkton.” Repre-senting over 460 businesses and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 16 elected members, the Chamber advocates for its membership. To learn more about the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, visit

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