• To govern the Chamber by the organization's bylaws, guiding principles, strategic goals and policies and to ensure such rules of governance are in keeping with membership and community business needs. To ensure Committee actions are consistent with the Chamber's mission and guiding principles. To ensure Committee prioritizes their actions towards achieving the goals identified in the current Action Yorkton plan.


  • The Executive Committee will be the President, Executive Vice President, two (2) Vice Presidents and the immediate Past President. The Chamber Manager serves as the secretary to this Committee.


  • To act in the capacity of, and on behalf of the board of directors between regular or special board meetings on all board matters except those which the board may not act, in compliance with bylaw requirements.
  • To ensure the Chamber is driven by a strategic plan and that the plan is annually reviewed in its appropriateness and implementation.
  • To organize, facilitate and oversee the board planning processes and recommend director and volunteer development programs as required.
  • Lead in directing the Chamber's goal setting and evaluating the Chamber's effectiveness during the annual strategic planning and review process.
  • To monitor the Chamber's activity with respect to budget adherence, policy, and operating efficiency.
  • To consult with, and provide direction to, the Chamber manager on issues and agendas for board meetings.
  • To review the Chamber Manager's performance and compensation, and recommend action to the Board.
  • To lead in building the image of the Chamber within the community.
  • To build and maintain strong, positive relationships with the region's allies and partners in order to successfully achieve the goals set forth in the Action Yorkton plan. (Note: Business Development Committee is involved with organizations as well. Ensure activities of committees are well known).


  • To review the annual and longer term budgets in detail before they are presented to the Board for their consideration.
  • To monitor and evaluate committee effectiveness to ensure the Chamber grows in profile and membership.


  • The committee's work is driven by its mandate and directed by the priorities detailed in the Chamber's current Action Yorkton plan. The committee will recommend and seek overall Board approval as necessary.
  • The committee, annually, will develop a committee plan to ensure work can be tracked, benchmarked and reported on.
  • The Executive Committee has authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board except where restricted by the organization's bylaws or these terms of reference or specifically limited by a board amendment to these terms of reference.
  • The board may, by resolution approved by a majority of the Board, overrule or amend a decision of the Executive Committee, except that any decision to overrule or amend will only be effective from the time the decision is made by the board.


  • Committee activity and effectiveness benchmarks will be documented and provided in report form one week before the scheduled monthly Board meeting. The report will be circulated with the Director Meeting Package and subject to questions at the upcoming Board meeting.
  • The lead spokesperson for the Chamber is the President of the Board. The President or a designate of the President will do all formal Chamber communications to the Media or Public.

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