Business Development


  • To identify and continually monitor the state of health of the local business community and work toward ensuring Yorkton offers and maintains a "business friendly" environment. Promote the Chamber of Commerce as being the lead organization in representing the interests of business in the community.


  • Director volunteers accepted at this time; subject to committee recommendation and planning review.


  • Plan consultation activity with local businesses and within the community to identify possible barriers or roadblocks to success.
  • Working with the Business and Public policy committee address concerns and propose solutions to removing business barriers. Seek board approval; implement strategies; monitor effectiveness.
  • Plan and promote Chamber activities that are needed to support the development of a strong business community.
  • Promote membership involvement in Chamber functions, committee work and activities. Concerns itself with attracting and retaining members and developing programs of common interest and in support of existing business community.
  • Gather local economic information and statistics on the business climate of Yorkton in the interest of reporting and benchmarking state of health.
  • Be the communication conduit between business and local economic development agencies/organizations. (Note: Executive Committee is involved with organizations as well. Ensure activities of committees are well known).


  • Working in conjunction with Chamber's Attitude Committee positively communicate the benefits of doing business in Yorkton.
  • Monitor and evaluate Chamber's Membership Benefits programs. Recommend changes or additions to benefits.
  • Ensure Committee actions are consistent with the Chamber's mission and guiding principles.
  • Ensure Committee prioritizes their actions towards achieving the goals identified in the current Action Yorkton plan.
  • To monitor and evaluate committee effectiveness to ensure the Chamber grows in profile and membership.


  • The committee's work is driven by its mandate and directed by the priorities detailed in the Chamber's current Action Yorkton plan. The committee will recommend and seek overall Board approval prior to implementation of any Committee designed strategies.
  • The committee, annually, will develop a committee plan to ensure work can be tracked, benchmarked and reported on.


  • Committee activity and effectiveness benchmarks will be documented and provided in report form one week before the scheduled monthly Board meeting. The report will be circulated with the Director Meeting Package and subject to questions at the upcoming Board meeting.
  • The lead spokesperson for the Chamber is the President of the Board. The President or a designate of the President will do all formal Chamber communications to the Media or Public.

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