Mike Stackhouse

I have been a member of the Yorkton community since June 2001 and I don’t ever see myself leaving.

Since January 2009, I have been working in, predominantly, business to business promotional sales with Source Embroidery and Screenprinting.

I’ve always believed that a growing business community means a growing city and I’ve learned through involvement with the customers I have come to know on a personal level over the years; that your economy can thrive when you keep shoppers home. The best way to do that is to ensure there are no reasons for them to leave. Being a staunch supporter of business growth and having a passion for this city and supporting its overall expansion; I felt I could further help by joining the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors.

I have a media background that extends as far back as 1995 and have developed a solid working knowledge when it comes to promoting people and places.

Let’s work together to make Yorkton as great as it can be.

Board of Directors

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